Deliver your message in a fun, entertaining way
with Animated Videos from JBP Media


Our well crafted animations are an excellent way of getting your message across. We create the characters and animations in-house, allowing total control over the finished video.

Our animated video production service can produce a wide range of eye-catching animations. The very essence of animated videos draw viewers to the vibrant colours and intriguing movement, playing on our inquisitive nature.

We begin the production process by learning all about your project. Discovering what information you wish to convey and who the video will be aimed at will provide a road map to the finished video.

We then produce a script and scene list which we present to you for review and approval. Once approved we then begin to create the characters and scenes, which we upload to our online review and approval platform. This makes the approval of each scene simple and convenient.

The music soundtrack is also added at this stage whilst professional voiceover artists record the character voices.

Bespoke character creation, script writing and voiceover services are all included, if required.

Finally, your finished animation is then encoded in the format of your choice, for use on large screens, computers or the web.


All our animation production projects are priced per job, not per hour, allowing for exact budgeting every time.

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Some examples of animated video production projects we have recently completed.

These include explainer videos, whiteboard animations and educational films. Please contact us to discuss any types of animated videos not listed on our website as we may be able to help.

For further details please contact us.