We aim to ensure the entire production process is a simple, stress-free, enjoyable experience.


The Pre-Production meeting is one of the most important stages of video production and covers several key aspects of the project. It’s here that we will obtain an insight into your business, learn exactly what you wish to achieve from your video and discover your intended target audience.

Using a combination of your vision and our ideas, we will be able to go away and produce a detailed storyboard and shot list. This will give you a rough idea of how the finished video will look and provide us with a detailed plan of the shots required on the day of filming. Having this degree of organisation ensures everything runs smoothly and keeps any disruption to an absolute minimum.

If your video will feature a voiceover, this is the stage when the script will be written. We will then use a combination of the approved script, storyboard and shot list to capture all the respective shots.

You will also discover what will be involved during the production process and the timescales required to complete it.

The end result of the pre-production stage will not only be a video you will be proud to show, but also one that works hard to promote your products and services, gain new business and provide the maximum return on your investment.


Working to the pre-prepared script and storyboard our production crew will attend your premises, or any number of required locations, to film with the minimum of disruption to the operation of your business.

We pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure no undesirable elements appear in the shots.

Our high-quality cameras, lighting and audio equipment will ensure your video will present your company to potential clients in the best possible way and look  stunning.


Post-production is one of the most time and labour intensive stages of the entire production process. This is where the video is edited, titles and graphics are created , royalty-free music is synced to the video and the voiceover is added.

Throughout the entire editing stage, we keep in close contact with you to ensure the project is progressing as planned. All edit versions, from the first draft through to the final approved video, will be uploaded to our online review and approval platform. This makes it an extremely simple and efficient process to add your comments in the exact paces where changes may be required.

We retain your project files for a minimum of six years, making it a simple and cost-effective process to amend or update any part of your video in the future.


Once the final video has been approved and no further changes are required, we will hand over the files in your preferred format. We supply video for every conceivable platform, from websites and large screens to exhibitions and digital displays. You can be sure that your video will play on whatever device you need it to.

The end result of the production process will not only be a video you will be proud to show, but also one that works hard to promote your products and services, attract new business, and ensure the maximum return on your investment.

Whether you require your finished video to hand out on DVD, available for the world to view on your website or a combination of both, we can tailor delivery to your exact requirements.

Our in-house services include graphic design and print of DVD labels and presentation cases, duplication, replication and video streaming services direct to your website.